The LL.M. in Sustainable Development is a two-year Master Programme (120 ECTS). 

In the first year (60 ECTS) students are required to attend seven core courses, in the areas of law, economics, and sociology. To take the exams of the 2nd year, students must have passed all the exams of the 1st year.

In the second year (60 ECTS), students can tailor their study plan, by choosing four elective courses from among those offered within one of the four curricula (24 ECTS), one or more optional courses/activities (9 ECTS).

Each curriculum includes an unusually large mix of advanced learning activities in different areas of the law, as well as in the relevant economic and sociological disciplines. The LL.M. currently offers four curricula designed along the building blocks of sustainable development: 

  • Economic Development; 
  • Human Rights and Social Development; 
  • Environmental Protection; and 
  • Rule of Law. 

The credits for optional courses/activities are obtained by freely combining courses (6 ECTS) offered within any of the curricula, the LL.M. additional courses, legal clinics and workshops (3 or 6 ECTS), and/or the courses (6 or 9 ECTS) taught in English in the Faculty of Law of the University of Milan.


Before submitting your individual Study Plan, check :

  • The list of the courses that are actually available each academic year, in the .pdf Educational Plan;
  • The rules of composition of the Study Plan and the FAQs on how to choose your courses, in the additional downloadable document .

As the offering of courses and the rules of composition of the Study Plan may vary in different academic years make sure that you choose the documents relating your cohort (i.e. the first year of enrolment) 

Study Plan composition. Rules and FAQs

Programme course list and Syllabus in alphabetic order, on the basis of the academic year